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2D Game Art Dos and Don’ts by William Dos Santos

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  1. I think this presentation is fake. He’s in his grandma’s basement and edited in some crowd noise. I think I’m gonna steal this idea.

  2. Well is it just me or this look like the most useless talk , also fake trying hard to make people laugh with jokes that has nothing to do with the content, don't do it for money ? am I charity ?

  3. "Don't do it for the money"
    Faith in humanity restored.

  4. This is one of the best talks ever. It's not too detailed to get lost and wonder off, but its focused, precise and entertaining. Perfect use of five minutes.

  5. hey screw rude comments, I really liked the video!!! made me laugh, gave me some tips, didn't waste my time on long explanations 👌👌👌

  6. Why this many dislikes, these tips are actually helpful and to the point

  7. Wow! A few minutes into the presentation and I'm already cringing . Sorry not sorry, but this is unwatchable .

  8. The title of this video should be “Don’ts and don’ts of a presentation”

  9. It's 2019 and still didn't get any thing from this video

  10. Fucking moron, wasted 5 minutes watching nonsense -_-

  11. I learned nothing from this, he didnt explain anything

  12. Whoever gave this person a spot to talk should get fired immediately.

  13. First 1:30 minutes of wasted time at the beginning, jokes were okay at best. Has good advice just bad Implementation. Best to do Dos and Don't / Instructional videos straight to the point with a few jokes to get the learning though. Versus turning your education videos into your personal comedy routine, time and place man, time and place. Oh and I want my $0.75 for the waisted time on filler sections of your video, since you are asking for lunches, ha ha ha. Today's bad joke is brought to you by the letter Jay.

  14. No real value to be gained from this talk. The talk was rushed, didn't have any depth, and really no real point. It almost seemed like the guy just wanted to show off some outdated memes he put in his slideshow.

  15. For something that's so incredibly short and speedy… why does it still feel like it's full of padding?!

    Why are gradient meshes so bad? I went and tried to look it up and couldn't find anything about them un Unity. Also, if your developing with vector, why should it matter what size you develop your images at?

  16. He had 5 minutes to get as much out as possible. Assholes.

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