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2021 Dark Souls Like Pixel Art Games

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Updated list Similar to Dark Souls Like Games in 2021 indie games


  1. This is by far one of the best lists I've seen for these genres!! Great job mate!! Very much appreciate the video quality and your tastes in good games!!

  2. Buen video bro, no hablo ingles pero tan muy buenos tus videos

  3. Salt and Sanctuary is so underrated. I loved that game and I'm not even a huge Souls fan (though I respect the series)

  4. Great video, only it is Vigil the longest Night, not Knight 🙂

  5. Blasphemous is the best platform game 🎮 ever

  6. great games….. HOLLOW KNIGHT is a masterpiece!

  7. I'd really appreciate seeing what platforms these games are available on

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