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20 Most Interesting Pixel Art Games | Indie games

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0:00 Forager
0:48 Children of Morta
1:29 Kingdom Two Crowns
2:01 Moonlighter
2:37 Hyper Light Drifter
3:15 Tales of the Neon Sea
3:47 Travellers Rest
4:26 Airships: Conquer the Skies
4:58 Hero’s Hour
5:32 ANNO: Mutationem
6:12 Coromon
6:45 Blasphemous
7:25 Carrion
7:57 Death Trash
8:40 The Rewinder
9:19 Rain World
9:56 Dave the Diver
10:28 Sun Haven
11:08 Eastward
11:44 Little Witch in the Woods


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  2. 90% этого в раннем доступе и с ограниченным контентом (потолком развития). В последнее время выходит мало законченных пиксель-игр от достойных инди-студий. Выходит какая-то пре-альфа, а потом дорабатывается 10 лет … тот же самый StoneShard, которого нет в списке (кстати, почему?). Но, в любом случае, самая лучшая пиксель-игра, которой также нет в списке – "Sheltered 1".

  3. В подборке не хватает monster sanctuary , замечательная пиксельная игрушка.

  4. All these games look so good. Thanks for making this compilation!

  5. Children of Morta is such a wholesome game. Trust me, you'll fall in love with it.

  6. I love tales of the neon sea! Just finished it today

  7. Dude 10/10 video, discovered some games I definitely want to play. When the Japanese game Rewinder came up I was thinking it was totally up my alley and you said it is great for people who like Mushishi and I loved that anime, like literally shook when I watched that anime in high school during the winter. Like captivated.

  8. I just found out about your channel. I I was looking at some of your other videos and I like your content. Thanks for the vids! 🙂

  9. Do anybody know one game that improves graphic quality while you playing? Like from pixel to 3d and then to HD rextures

  10. Really nice voice, really nice narration. Good choice of games that haven't been listed recently. I like it!

  11. Moonlighter
    Tales of Neon Sea
    Enter the Gundeon
    Hero's hour

  12. indie pixel art games > triple a games

  13. u could add owlboy and sea of stars to the list 😀

  14. The games looks very fun. I need to find some games to play.

  15. How do I download Death Trash to my phone please?

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