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$170,000 Digital Artwork SOLD?! NFT Crypto Art, Collectables, and Games

Matt Borchert
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This video covers the still somewhat new and extremely interesting world of NFTs. NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which basically means that the digital items cannot be copied or duplicated in any way within the blockchain network where they live. This allows digital art to become “unique” and “scarce” in a way that it wasn’t able to be in the past.

I’ll cover 3 primary areas in this video where this technology is utilized. SuperRare is a place to buy fine art NFTs, AtomicAssets has collectable cards, and Splinterlands is a game that utilizes NFTs for the cards you play the game with. This technology could potentially be a game-changer for digital creators, and for that reason, I’m very excited to see how it progresses in the future!

Have any questions about what you’ve seen in the video? Feel free to leave a comment!

Intro – 0:00
SuperRare NFT Marketplace: 1:47
$170,000 NFT Sale: 8:04
AtomicAssets: 9:15
Splinterlands: 14:16
Conclusion and $350,000 Pokemon Card: 16:06

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  1. the reason they look damn horrible because they arent artist. But a bunch of kids creating art just for money. They need accept realistic art, not junk shit!!!

  2. Love the idea of NFT art. I just wonder how this is going to play out as the market is flooded with pieces? Is it just a fad for the early adopters who have fat bags of eth?

    Just minted my first NFT to get into the market. I think that human creativity is going to end up being a form of currency in the future when we have AI and robots and people have nothing else to do. 🤔 Either way, great to see this developing.

  3. Hey bro, check out Aavegotchi launching its mainnet on Jan 4th. It's a gamefi project, combined Defi and NFT, very interesting.

  4. I simply want to understand this. I uploaded a file to one of these market places and turned it into a token and then burnt the token because I didn’t understand why the fuck would anybody buy something they can just download?

    I understand it has the network effect of being a token connected to a file that happens to be let’s say a Cinema 4D high rendered gif

    But anybody can take that gif anybody can just right click and steal it why would anybody pay all that money, except for the status and how did they display it? I legitimately want to understand what the incentive is? Is it simply for that one person that has the money to buy it? And everybody else can just like download it which would be like taking a picture from a gallery but somebody actually owns it? How do you upload video which is what I did, But I didn’t want anybody to see it unless they were going to buy it, it’s very confusing to me how this is an actual market in a digital context, any feedback on what I’m commenting on would be appreciated because I really like to participate but I really don’t understand. When everything will be downloaded why would somebody actually buy it?

    And yes for the record to upload and then burn cost me about US$30 in ether

  5. Okay, so do I get this correctly? This is "unique" artwork in the terms that you can ensure that you are the only one person to own that e.g. artwork on a particular blockchain? Could this be used to ensure that lets say you're playing fortnite, you could be the one and only owner of a particular skin?

  6. Wasn't expecting to watch to the end but really enjoyed it, great video.

  7. Great video and breakdown of NFT art. Thanks for explaining this.😜👍

  8. Hell yeah! It'a about time the artists get a break. They've been struggling since forever. They deserve a break. I'm into it.

  9. We just ignore that most industry professionals get less per contract then what these Artist there want as a price. Honestly i think this is just another way of inflating Art prices to stupidly high costs with no actual reason behind it. Sorry i think thats another retarded idea of "modern" Art. This stupid argument from people with "starving Artist" is so god damn wrong. Many Artist are swimming in money and are top 1% earners. This just inflates prices again. If your stupid enough to buy it, yeah go ahead. Is it moraly right. No i dont think so. And yes your right, it doesnt affect others but i think its stupid to just be okay with everything as soon as it doesnt affect you. I think its wrong to ask such honestly ridiclous prices for such simple Artwork, and that comes from somoene who does VFX.

  10. I usually fall asleep when a video is 8 minutes are longer but I watched this all the way through and took notes. Great job bro. I subscribed so I am looking forward to more great videos

  11. Still trying to get my head around "what" is actually being bought and sold. Then would be the "why" since it would appear that anyone can just go online and view all the art that someone else bought so there doesn't seem to be any exclusivity. No reason for ownership vs. free viewership. I can't just have a Warhol in my house whenever I want, and even if I go to a museum to see one, the museum is earning market value for and from their collection overall. This stuff doesn't seem to operate that way. I can view it on any device I want while shopping for it, then buy it, then view it on a device there after.

    You're showing us a piece of $50K art in the exact iteration that someone else bought. What's the difference between the owner and everybody else who gets access to it for free? If everyone always has access to everything forever, what would drive sales? There needs to be an incentive for ownership beyond an artificially stated market that doesn't exist at the moment. I get that the idea is that the owner can sell the item like anything else in any market for an increased price but this stuff is literally vaporware. There is really no market application for this.

    Or, if I'm missing something please explain because I'm finding zero people dealing with these points. I'm getting a Neopets for grown ups vibe from all this.

  12. Really enjoyed your video, Matt.

    Question: Let's say I have digital art drawings and I want to make NFTs from them. Some of the art drawings participated in competitions and won local awards and used locally in print. If I add this Art as NFT and someone buys it, does it mean I can't use it myself in order to do prints and sell them?

    I guess my question: after I add NFT and sold it what usage rights do I have to my own Art work? Any sources where you suggest to read more about it?

  13. so….can I edit pictures of my own face and sell it as NFT? serious question btw.

  14. gas fee will kill the NFT market soon if nothing is done.

  15. Great explanation. I would be really interested to see this used against real world pieces of Art in a practical application too. No better way to ensure authenticity and continual payment for the artist into the future!

  16. Great video thank you! I’ve worked in the contemporary art world since the late 90’s and it’s very exciting to see these platforms – that PAY artists in transparent ways and how cool to see a new area of collecting & patronage develop.

  17. Brilliant! Artists have been exploited long enough.

  18. Can you offer something that you also sold on shutterstock?

  19. When you own a piece, could you in theory use it in lets say 3d worlds? Or livestreams? Is it only that you own it and can look at it? Or can you show it off as your ownership in a virtual setting????

  20. So it's like trading cards for rich adults

  21. The more you are famous on social network, the more and the better you sale. Well, almost…

  22. Question, I'm a music producer. Do you think there's a space for me to sell exclusive beats like the digital art? Possibly an original beat with some digital art behind it.

  23. Hi. I'm an artist, however, I'm not familiar with crypto/blockchain. If I create artwork and submit it to the marketplace and someone purchases the art. Do I have the option to choose receiving the funds in USD versus crypto currency? Or do I only get paid ETH?

  24. so the value mainly comes from limited amount. What exactly prevents creator from selling 10 milliion token of his art peace after an initial release of, lets say, 50? And deflate the price as a result.

  25. Everything seems cool, but I think artists should have their own galleries of digital art ( like blogs today) without digital platforms for sales and marketing. Transactions would be in crypto currencies of course. Can we see this in the future.

  26. This is hard to wrap my mind around. So if I have a piece of digital art I created and sell it on one of these sights… do I not still have the original image or a copy of it in my possession as the artists? If so, could I not sell then sell prints of that copy too? OR am I really confused about this?

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