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15 Best Martial Arts Games That Will Test Your Might

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Martial arts have informed all media for years, and video games are no different. And while games are yet to have anything approaching the iconic quality of martial arts movies, there have still been some great ones over the years. Here are fifteen such games.





  1. Wait, is this list in any particular order? I mean Sleeping Dogs was so so good. I truly enjoyed that game..

  2. Never played matrix….they should remake it…graphics would be krazyyyyyy

  3. What about the Blade video game? As well as the whole Arkham series?

  4. Where is "Jet Li: Rise to Honor" for the PS2 !!!!!!????? 🤔 🤔 🤔

  5. Yakuza 0 and Judgment should be a one entry


    Shenmue 1 & Shenmue 2 should be a one entry too

  6. Sleeping dogs was the insane. Still can’t believe there has been no 2nd game

  7. “Overgrowth” looks like a video game version of the “Warriors of Virtue” film

  8. And also the Batman Arkham games have really nice combo👌

  9. Jet Li Rise to Honor should've been listed..

  10. So many repeat in comment session but no one ever say one of early 3d rockstar action matrial game and unique game: Oni

  11. Das bullshit cause they aint show no love for my mans afro samurai😴😴😴

  12. Definitely hurt that Rise to Honor isn't on here

  13. Sekiro has the most beatiful of sword fighting style ever.

  14. Sleeping Dogs beats Gta. And Urban Reign needs to be on here.

  15. Games failed to mention are Bruce Lee Snes, 3×3 eyes Snes, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Stranglehold, Shao Lin ps1, Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks and Jet Li Rise to Honor

  16. Shenmue and sleeping dogs are bad ass i love those games

  17. Im Disappointed Jackie Chan Stuntmaster is not on The List

  18. I bought Sleepingdogs with all the DLC it cost me $120 it was well worth it .

  19. Good video, but it could be better if you mentioned what the system the games are played on.

  20. Beat down fists of Vengance, Urban Reign, Def Jam Vendetta, Jet Li's Rise to honor… so many games more deserving of a list like this then some of these entries. Hell if were talking all time Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, and TMNT the Arcade game deserve a mention somewhere.

  21. So um what about Rise to Honor? That game was fucking awesome and it's martial arts and playing as Jet Li is very satisfying =)

  22. you did not have Urban Reign… That is one of the best martial arts games ever

  23. I've yet to see anything that is strickly chinese martial arts in gamming. The closest thing I've seen is shenmue where is the damn martial arts games with setting in china? Be cool to have a game where you raise ranks in belts and main focus is dojo with fluent martial arts. No one has done it yet I'm still waiting

  24. Urban reign ps2, streets of rage/teken type of game

  25. Simply just play all of the Yakuza games (except Yakuza 7).

  26. I like sleeping dogs, that's the kind of game I like but gta 5 is awesome, I wish they do a open world martial. arts with guns, but that u can mixed martial arts and the movements were more realistic, some. taekwondo, some. Muay Thai, some kyokushin, some judo, jujitsu, boxing everything and some bosses with most iconic fighting style maybe an open world kind of tekken but with no powers, I don't know and the con at sytem can be at 3d and not to lineal so the cámara put behind of the character, and we play as a character with a some expertise on 1 martial art but we can also teach him another martial arts skills we'll that's never seen before, and of corse a nice gangster boxer mma story…

  27. How do you not have Tekken, Soul Calibur or Mortal Kombat on this list?

  28. Bruh I was thinking the whole video if matrix path of neo is not on this list!…xD

  29. martial arts games that aren’t relegated to fighting games. Glad the Yakuza and Judge’s Eyes shows the genre some love.

  30. Kawacatoose Eguzki Ó Caoindealbháin says:

    your sleeping on sleeping dogs putting it that low down, i prefer to it to gta to this day. i havent found a game since that literally made me feel like ip man. should have been number 1

  31. aight i get it sleeping dogs is the only one and also that shenmue guy aight copy that

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