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Going through Redart Games catalog, I found some interesting titles that most people might not have heard of. In this video, i take a quick look at some of their unique titles. Step into the mesmerizing realm of jax the amazing digital circus personality, where innovation and creativity unite to redefine the boundaries of digital entertainment. Spectacular journey filled with cutting-edge performances, interactive exhibits, and a celebration of the extraordinary.

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  1. Butcher, nongunz, heidelburg, 8 doors plus a load of others are awesome. Forgotten half of what red art have released now, but you'll generally get an excellent game

  2. Definitely going to check out My Memory of Us!! The artwork looks so cute and now I’m super excited!!

  3. Reggie's face is smiling in the thumbnail if you pay attention. It also winks at you.

  4. Do you use anything in your collector editions or keep in box and just play the game?

  5. Are these games pal only on the physical versions?

  6. Dude I’m so happy you like Smelter! I friggin love that game! I gotta check out some of these others. I love Red Art!

  7. I have stage five kidney dieses. And your videos get me through my hard days . So if you ever question do your work matters yes it does

  8. I can’t keep up with you😢. Show us the secrets 😊

  9. hey I know this is jus radom..but Love you Reggie @radical .. nothing else just thoughtId say

  10. Who made that Reggie Super Mario Bros. 2 selection screen? Always really thought that was cool

  11. Just got Smelter and Metaloid Origins off Play-Asia at a great price! Just waiting for Souldiers and Fatal Frame Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse to be shipped.

  12. One thing I love the most is your coverage of games I might not play, but can still enjoy learning about. There have also been many times where I played a game based on you getting me interested from your video. Every time was a win for me. Thanks!

  13. That's what's annoying me a bit as once again we gamers in NA aren't getting the physical copy of this Fatal Frame game.

  14. I was going for a complete RAG collection until they started to irritate me with Double Kick Heroes and NonGunz (super good games, they just didn't communicate why they kept getting delayed). Maybe it's time to give them another shot. Eternum EX, Riddled Corpses, Hardcore Mecha, Candleman, Dex, Legend of Skyfish, and Sturmfront are some of my favourite Switch games, period – Eternum EX is top five overall.

  15. Mayhem Brawler is made by a small a turkish dev Hero Concept Games. They put a lot of love into that version of the game and packed all of the dlc onto that physical. They’re making a sequel and one more dlc for the current game. Very dedicated and self aware team. Keep an eye out for them to do really special things. Not the same team as SOR but I bet they would take that as big compliment lol 🙂

  16. These look like very interesting games.

  17. I like Red Art Games! Smelter looks like the one I'd like the most from this list.

  18. Unique games have a different style to updated, evolved or revamped ideas are cool. I'm all about those, even to showcase soon. I like the pics, some I may be less interested, but they're fun looking. Also, Patrick Stewart is mostly a good voice for narrating, he did a couple other games too.

  19. Thanks for showing interesting games I might not have heard about. Great suggestions!

  20. I love this kind of video content! Red Art Games are one of my favourites! Well done Reggie.

  21. Excellent games selection Reggie. I bought Gunborg for the PS5, love that game. I also bought Sturmfront which I think you would love too! Thanks to you I’m probably going to buy Smelter and Hillbilly Doomsday now 😅 They look awesome

  22. Good video thanks Reggie, some cool games might try a few out.

  23. great vid…and top game selections…so gutted mant of these dont make it to xbox even digitally.

  24. The best channels to learn about new (old) games is Radical Reggie and Metal Jesus.

  25. Picked up wet and remember me yesterday for the 360. I have to admit from what iv played so far, I'm pretty impressed. Wet has a very grindhouse aesthetic similar in style to the max Payne games. Remember me seems more story driven. The world does seem very stray or slum from ff7 in style. Great low prices on those games as well. A great addition to my growing collection

  26. ✔️👋🤝💪🇺🇲📚🦉🦀🛃

  27. Excellent video as always. I truly believe that when it comes to PS4 collecting, PAL is the way to go. I'm on the hunt for My Memory of Us now. Thanks for the tip.

    Btw, when are you going to appear on the PlayStation Collectors Podcast?

  28. This is pretty awesome. Thank you, Reggie!

    Qubic Games has the most insane sale on Nintendo switch games right now don’t miss it:
    I just got 22 games for $9
    Death’s hangover is such a pleasant surprise being a decent Breakout style game 🏆🚀

  29. I would recommend A Space for The Unbound on PS4/PS5 if you like pixel art animation and something unique.

  30. Bruh, those eyebrows are lookin' kind of "feminine" in the thumbnail.

  31. It is amazing how many games Patrick Stewart has voiced, all the way back to sixth gen games 🥸

  32. Great selection of games! Smelter looks interesting!

  33. Hello Radical Reggie, I'm a big fan of your channel. I enjoyed your review of Metroid fusion for the gba you did on metaljesusrocks channel. I've never played it but was impressed by the way you explained the story and gameplay of it. I wanted to ask your recommendation, should I play it on the game boy advance? or should I play it on the Nintendo switch when it gets released? Look forward to hearing from you and many thanks for the great videos, be safe and have a great day

  34. Speedrun in games must be forbidden.. That's the reason of shorter and no good stories in the games!!

  35. Once again you come with games that not many people are talking about thank you so much for that👌 I just got my memory of us and it’s so nice to play with remote play on the PS Vita it’s perfect for that keep up the good work🤘😎

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