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10 TOP Red Art Games Switch Physical Releases! + Exclusive Reveal!

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10 Top Switch Physical releases from Red Art Games + An exclusive reveal of their latest Switch physical game. It’s a goodie!

Should be available shortly after the video being published. Until October 6th 23:59 France Time.


Thank you to RedArtGames for sponsoring this video.

My Top 10 Best Red Art Games Switch Releases:
00:00 Intro
01:11 Hardcore Mecha
01:57 Arietta of Spirits
02:41 Galaxy of Pen and Paper
03:31 Dex
04:04 Children of Zodiarcs
04:44 My Memory of Us
05:29 Splasher
06:09 Neurovoider
06:41 Sturmfront
07:16 New game reveal

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Many thanks from the SwitchWatch team – James, Juan and Jordan


  1. Brilliant. I've not heard of a few of those games and will now be checking them out, so my kids will thank you that they're on rice and beans this month as Jordan said Dad
    needs a game or 3! 😆

  2. Some very nice games that they’ve published physically are here. And their newest release is a good choice as well. I might have to consider using that code as well. Thanks for the video.

  3. 20!!!!!!!! y'all are legends. Man I really do love the games Red Art puts out. And the reveal 😍

  4. Jordan is the man!!!!! Gotta pick something up!

  5. Nice video and a 20% discount! New game reveal looks sick as well. I like that Red Art adds slipcovers to their releases.

  6. I bought 5 games from them so far, that will be increasing thanks to you guys(and that code!) 😁 Thanks!

  7. Had to resort to eBay since it's sold out – but had to grab a copy of Hardcore Mecha! Still waiting on my shipment of Splasher & Sturmfront from them bought back in July! Dang pre-orders! =) Thanks for showcasing these.

  8. Been eyeing “my memory of us for a while”and is it in English?..thanks for the review Jordan you the 🐐🔥

  9. So u allergic to card base games, me too.. cool video Jordan

  10. Awesome, Butcher! I love that game…hopefully this means Red Art (or someone at least) can pick up on some of the other games Limited Run did in the past for other Platforms, but not Switch…seemed like a load of them had got lost, like Butcher, forma.8, Nuclear Throne, etc…here's hoping….thanks for the video, and for the extra 10% off! I had been waiting to make an order with them, and now I can hopefully pick up their last 3 releases on Thursday!

  11. Butcher seems like a high steaks 🥩 game that you can really cut 🔪 up the competition.

  12. Little disappointed that the new game is a game I already own physically on another platform.

  13. Just read up on Hardcore Mecha's performance issues when it was initially released on Switch – crashes, etc. Any idea if a patch has been released to fix these problems? I saw in your earlier review in 2020 on the game you mention them as well, can't find anything saying it's been taken care of. I purchased the game regardless but hoping it's fixed by now!

  14. A lot of these games look pretty neat. I own Dex digitally but might grab a physical as well as Hardcore Mecha.

  15. I only buy Red Art Games after watching your videos so smart of them to sponsor you. I have 4 of their games with 2 on preorder and I forgot to use your code for every single purchase. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  16. Thanks to you and red art games headed there now

  17. Any idea if performance for hardcore mecha improved drastically? Looks interesting but just watched your review

  18. Looking good. I hope Hardcore Mecha get a sequel 😀😀😀

  19. Ordered Arietta of Spirits, thanks for the extra 10% off!

  20. Great video, thank you, SwitchWatch rocks! I will order some of the Red Art games, not yet sure which ones. Sir Lovelot for sure, maybe also Splasher. I already have bought Dex and My Memory Of Us and have pre-ordered some others from them a while ago. I did not know about the coupons back then, but I will leave the pre-orders as they are and use the coupon for future orders. I am not sure if I will like Arietta Of Spirits after having played the demo, I will see.

  21. Love red art games I have imported to the US. Splasher is my favorite! It’s a great game!

  22. welp, the code just made me buy my first red art game (it's galaxy of pen and paper)

  23. Thanks for the code. I just grabbed Galaxy of pen and paper

  24. Congrats on getting some exclusive coverage. Even if only 1 hour – that's bad ass! Awesome to see the channel growing and branching out some cool deals with affiliates that your fans care about. Win-wiN!

  25. you hear this sad squeaky sounds? that's my purse 😆

  26. Had a game I ordered from them not show up and they couldn't gaf… I don't trust this company.

  27. Oh my exclusive premier for the channel, Loved it <3

  28. Oooh, I would love Arietta of Spirits. Are their games locked to European regions, or are they compatible with North American systems?

  29. I've been buying games from Red Art for a while now, lots of great stuff. A few you didn't mention that I really like would be Gekido Kintaro's Revenge, Wartech Fighters, Eternum EX, Riddled Corpses EX and Xenon Valkyrie +. I'm more than likely going to preorder Butcher and Nongunz from them soon, great to see a discount code from you guys to! Hopefully this exposure you're giving them will give Red Art Games more attention because they have a lot of potential to release great games.

  30. Arietta of spirits looks cool 😎 Tx for the 20% off & hope it helps support the channel. Also, please stop adding to my backlog! 😆

  31. Awesome video thanks! I must place a big order this week! I like the way you show the games with the slip case and would be very interested in which one of the games includes a manual / booklet.

  32. Jordan is trying to "butcher" my wallet with that 20% coupon. Thanks bud. Youre a legend. 🪓🪓🪓
    Edit: Couldn't find a butchers knife

  33. You weren't kidding about a different list! Guess I should actually open Dex but I am still getting through Sense.
    Sturmfront looks like a cross between Shocktroopers and Smash TV and I am really excited for that one.

  34. I really enjoyed Hardcore Mecha. Not too long so it kept my attention all throughout and was very entertaining!

  35. Splasher is amazing. Just Ordered Sturmwind from your offer code, but sad to see Hardcore mecha is already sold out.

  36. Great job putting more spotlight on them

  37. Some of these games are good but to me it seems like you're just buying games based on the box they come in

  38. I was wondering why this showed me this a day late. Somehow youtube unrang the bell.

  39. The only game i currently own from Red Art Games is Eternum EX, but i did pre-order Arietta of Spirits.

  40. I preordered Double Kick Heroes back in March and pretty much forgot about. Half a year later and noticed it’s still up for pre order. Q3 shipping though so that must be imminent right… right?

  41. hardcore mecha is sold out though -_-

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