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10 MORE Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games – 2022 & beyond

Best Indie Games
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Top 20 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games – 2022 & Beyond:
BEST LOOKING Pixel Art Indie Games of ALL TIME:

Love me some Pixel art Indie Games so here are 10 MORE titles to look forward to.

00:00 ► Start
00:13 ► #10 Moon Samurai :
00:48 ► #9 Faraway Lands: Rise of Yokai :
02:10 ► #8 Bloodless :
02:35 ► #7 Castle Of Alchemists :
03:30 ► #6 BLASTRONAUT :
04:10 ► #5 Fishing Paradiso :
05:06 ► #4 Moira :
06:21 ► #3 :
07:21 ► #2 :
08:13 ► #1 :

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  1. You should play mago! Very good pixelart game

  2. Really want escape the mad empire!!

  3. Is Fishing Paradiso a sequel or spiritual successor to Bear's Restaurant? I noticed the eponymous bear appearing in the trailer, and upon further research, they're both by the same developer.

  4. Clemmy my guy, thank you always for opening my eyes for any new indie games, a savior as always. ❤️

  5. Hey friend can you show a vídeo already made with a game like huntdown i like dat game 🙂

  6. would play every game in this list. Good one Clemmy!

  7. Clemmy, hopping you are getting better. I would like to know your toughts on One Dreamer, it was supposedly comming Q1 2022 but was pushed to Q2

  8. Fishing paradisio and #2 are my new addition to my wishlist, we'll see what type of combat there will be but the building aspect alone makes me want to give it a try, also I like the seagull sounds with no other music maybe they will add more later but the aspect of having by sea sounds without additions is very relaxing
    Thanks for the list clemmy, nice work, hope you're feeling better

  9. 0:44 Red Jacket + White Shirt + Blue Light Saber… So Travis Touchdown?

  10. Castle of Alchemists looks good, wasn't even aware of the action tower defence genre. Thanks.

  11. I didn't Blastronuat is still going
    Its made in godot

  12. Escape the Mad Empire seems very interesting. Seablip too.

  13. blastronaut is on my wishlist. can't wait for it to get out of EA

  14. Escape from the Mad Empire isn't my thing at all but I think I will give it a go for its music alone.

  15. Kudos to Clemmy! Thanks for your hard work 🙂

  16. any games where you play as yokai and attack the humans?

  17. Well atleast one game is gonna be on the Nintendo Switch, shame couse it could probably run all of them

  18. Bloodless, Blastronaut and Castle all look really good, but
    I'm PISSED that Moon Samurai doesn't have a Steam page
    yet. I NEED to wishlist that ASAP!!!

  19. Moon Samurai looks interesting. If it gets a physical release for Switch i may consider. And no, i will not refer to it as pixel art. That term is overused and overrated.

  20. I like moon samuria, too bad they dont have plans to release it yet 🤔😥

  21. typically your videos are full of junk titles but these are all bangers frfr

  22. Great list! I just found out about Escape the Mad Empire and a game called KeeperRL that I thought both looked really cool. I am now also adding Blastronaut, Moira, Seablip, and Cross Blitz to my Steam wishlist.

  23. Thank you so much for this video, so many new gems I haven't seen yet. Unfortunately few pixel art games are rendered in true low resolution. As a fan of this style, high resolution effects are my bete noire. If you can sometimes mention the fact that a game is rendered in low resolution which results in pixel-perfect nature, I'd appreciate it.

  24. Seablip looks fantastic it's just my kind of games and as i love pirates and i love terraria and starbound definitely i gonna put it on highest priority on my wishlist

  25. Not so sure I'll like the combat in Cross Blitz but other than that it sounds like exactly what I want from a deckbuilder. Very excited for that from this point forward.

    That chopped down tree in Seablip is the bassiest tree I have ever heard though. At first I thought it was some kind of musical game because of how much that tree sounded like a bass drum.

  26. Would you consider making at least one of the games in these types of videos something that's a month or 2 away?

  27. Moon Samurai looks a lot like Katana zero and i freaking like it , so many good games on this list Clemmy

  28. Clicck for the Cross Blitz pretty visuals and got very bummed to know its a card game. :/

  29. Well, according to Steam, Moira should've released on 2017 :O

  30. Re. fishing games… I need Capcom to release Breath of Fire 3 on Switch so I can play that incredible fishing game again. (And listen to that totally bonkers synth-jazz soundtrack)

  31. Can you guys check out my game on my channel? Working on it.

  32. Moon Samurai looks freakin Awesome, Cant wait for it

  33. Is it just me or does Cross Blitz seem a lot like Rivals of Aether and Cards of Aether?

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