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10 MORE Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games – 2019 & Beyond!

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Many of you will know that I’m a huge fan of pixel art for its versatility, timeless look and how developers are using the medium to push art forward, so here’s a look at 10 MORE Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games for 2019 & Beyond!

10 MORE Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games – 2019 & Beyond!
00:21► VirtuaVerse:
02:04► Shakedown: Hawaii:
03:53► ITTA:
05:37► Moonrider:
07:26► Evan’s Remains:
08:25► Hunt the Night:
10:50► Witchmarsh:
11:53► Elysis:
13:48► Kingdom of the Night:
15:25► Faeland:

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As a big fan of gaming in general and Indie Games in particular, I decided to create this channel to talk about the best indie game experiences out there. Indie Gaming occupies a near and dear place in my heart and I want to highlight great developers and great games. I simply love the unique ideas that indie game developers come up with and I hope that you will find these videos useful in allowing you to discover the best indie games. Do consider subscribing to keep up with the latest indie games!

Music by Ozzed:

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  1. Mmm. Elysis looks really cool. I just like the feel of looking at it lmao

  2. Excelent video, all this indies look amazing

  3. damn itta looks like open world touhou rpg.. damn gonna have it on wishlish and gonna play it

  4. I too love pixel art games! Thank you for your videos! 🙂

  5. All of these games look pretty good. Added the ones with Steam pages to my wishlist!

  6. Checkout the pixelart indie game called Mago!!

  7. Man Moonrider Is definitely inspired by Alien Probotector/Contra mixed with ninja gaiden.

  8. Sooooo viele spiele…. Und nur ein leben zeit….. Das ist grausam… Und ganz zu schweigen von anderen schönen Dingen die man nachen möchte…. Wenn jemand weiß wie man unsterblich wird… Bitte hier bescheid sagen… Danke

  9. itta is hyperlight drifter clone through and through. shakedown looks quite cool.

  10. Faeland looks beautiful, and have amazing music

  11. I remember the amount of anticipation I had for Chasm. Then it got crushed in 10 minutes of gameplay. Not gonna let myself get disappointed anymore so I expect all these to be average. I'll gladly accept being proven wrong.

  12. Please can you give Android that game please

  13. Although I rarely buy indie games but I love watching. pixel art game concept…

  14. Clemmy Are you Chinese? Ask because of your accent

  15. Hunt the Night 08:25 and Elysis 11:53 look amazing , will be looking forward for these two : D

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  17. itta looks great, then you mentioned it was a bullet hell game 🙁

  18. Muchas gracias por el vídeo! !
    Saludos! !

  19. Christ, that first games intro is gonna cause seizures

  20. In 'Hunt the Night' I really hope there's as much weight and depth to the combat, buuuut it doesn't look like there's enough to qualify it as a perfect soulslike.

  21. I'm guessing you haven't played enter the gungeon if you compared ITTA to Zelda, titan souls and hyper light drifter but not etg

  22. Hunt The Night. Just might give it a buy if it comes out on Steam.

  23. You had me at cyberpunk point and click produced by Blood Music, but oh man, this list just kept impressing me the whole way through!

  24. You guys need to check out Eastward by Pixpil.

  25. Shakedown looks good shame it's on epic store.

  26. Faeland looks like one of the best games in development.

  27. Itta could def use a sprucing up of the graphics and colour palate but the gameplay looks great

  28. MoonRider reminds me of that time in Mega Man X3 when you could play as Zero for a moment. Excellent video! 😀

  29. Pixel art isn't versatile; it's the artists that need to be versatile to make something worthwhile within the limitations of the medium.

  30. Pls tell me Hunt the night is not a rougelike? It looks good..

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